With our completely revamped style we aim to bring our new visitors closer to our products and to keep our loyal customers up-to-date with news, information, and special offers.

For your convenience we’ve made a list of the most important things you can do on our website. You can always contact us for any details you need.

Our primary effort was to provide sufficient information to our customers regarding our product line and what each product can offer. Many of our products have been tested through a number of years by our customers who continue being loyal to us.

This is the best testament of the quality we offer and that our products actually do what they are designed to do. Under our product frequently asked questions (FAQs) your questions are answered. If you have more please send them to us we’ll gladly reply.

In our evergrowing network of dealers we seek to expand even more within Greece and abroad. If you are interested in becoming our dealer you can always contact us via email. It’s that simple. Finally, be sure to check back because we’ll be posting some news about the company as well as other features to this website.

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