Bacti Plus

Maintenance or seeding of small grease traps (< 200 meals/day) and septic/holding tanks


BACTI PLUS® is a biological activator in dry form for septic/holding tanks and grease traps, based on cultures of non-pathogenic micro-organisms, enzymes and nutrients. Regular application reduces the grease layer and amount of organic matter deposits and maintains facilities by preventing blockage and odour reflux.


Maintenance or seeding of small grease traps (< 200 meals/day), septic and holding tanks

This product can be used together with other product for kitchens : BIO LIQ® and products for bathrooms : treatment of urinals, toilet bowls, drains and surfaces : URIBLOCK®, SCALE CONTROL, MICROFRESH®.


  • Concentrated formulation which allows effective biological treatment against odour reflux and blockage;
  • Rapid and reinforced action due to the joint presence of micro-organisms (sustained action), enzymes (immediate action) and nutrients (providing micro-organisms with conditions necessary for optimal development);
  • Multi-use product;
  • Consequent spacing of emptying (minimum 3 times less);
  • Rapid inoculation of new septic tanks and grease traps, and acceleration of restart after prolonged disuse;
  • Natural product, free of caustic soda and respectful of the environment;
  • Totally risk-free handling: product neither toxic nor harmful;
  • Excellent product stability and shelf life.

Directions of use

Add the correct dosage of product to a little water. Wait until the effervescence stops. Then, apply directly in the tank, grease trap or in a siphon/drain the closest to the installation (toilets, sink…).

Septic and holding tanks

1 dose*/m3 every 2 weeks.

Grease traps

1 dose*/week for 50 meals/day.

* 1 dose = 1 dosing cap = 50 ml

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